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Healthcare is ever evolving, requiring professionals to rely on data to inform high-stakes decision-making. Extracting valuable insights from data—and making this knowledge available so people, processes, and systems can act quickly—is a challenge that when overcome yields tremendous benefits.


TIBCO makes it easier to use advanced technologies that prepare you for fast transformation on many fronts: value-based care, the digital patient experience, top-of-license practices. Trust in data is paramount, and an industry-specific system crucial for gaining a comprehensive view of practices that will answer the needs of a post-pandemic world.


  • TIBCO Omni-HealthData Information Management for Health providers and Payers

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Connected Intelligence

for Healthcare

  • Tame the Healthcare Data Torrent
  • One Solution, End-to-End Analytics Capabilities
  • Accelerate Time to Insight
  • Improve Patient Insight & Decision-making at the Point of Care
  • Proven & Agile Implementation Methodology
  • Tackle Social Determinants of Health
Tame the Healthcare Data Torrent

Patient healthcare data is fragmented across EMR, billing systems, specialty systems and claims silos. Interoperability promises to bring outside data in, but how will you integrate it with everything else? And what about data coming from internet-connected wearable and implantable devices? How will you connect all of it to the right patients, providers, facilities, and organizations?

One Solution, End-to-end Analytics Capabilities

TIBCO delivers a single source of truth and 360-degree view of a patient's healthcare history with:

  • A common healthcare canonical mode derived from industry standards
  • Multi-domain mastering of patients, providers, facilities, organizations, payers, and more
  • Reference data harmonization, accelerating analysis and providing a gateway to industry metadata
Accelerate Time to Insight

Supported by pre-built components, healthcare professionals can accelerate time to insight, identify gaps in care, and free up resources in a resource-strained environment, enabling a closer focus on patients.

Improve Patient Insight & Decision-making at the Point of Care

With TIBCO, providers can have one consolidated view of the Patient Journey—everything known about a patient from every source available. Additionally, they can see if a patient is due for their periodic A1C or LDL diabetes tests, when they last had an eye exam, or whether they are overdue for a mammogram or preventative screening.

Proven & Agile Implementation Methodology

With our proven standard, scoping and managing implementation tasks proceeds quickly. Tools like out-of-the-box mapping templates for the canonical model, out-of-the-box DQ & mastering rules, and pattern-based marts and metric algorithms get you up and running fast.

Tackle Social Determinants of Health

Incorporating social determinants of health (SDoH) into patient care is essential to better serve patients and communities. Unifying SDoH with key patient data such as drug, tobacco, alcohol, and social screenings; combining and harmonizing external sources; and analyzing in the context of geospatial relevance results in insights that will improve both individual and community health.

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