Working with TIBCO Software Federal Inc.

TIBCO Software Federal Inc. has established distribution channels with top Federal partners, streamlining the contracting process and allowing us to supply your agency with our data solutions quickly and efficiently.

Contract Vehicles and Certifications

Common Criteria, EAL Type 2

Common Criteria is an internationally recognized security certification required by the USA and other governments for departments and agencies that procure commercial products. TIBCO Software completed evaluation at EAL-2+ level of the Common Criteria scheme, as defined by ISO/IEC 15408-2 and ISO/IEC 15408-3, which address product functionality, development environment, documentation, and product testing measures.

FIPS 140-2

The US government Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS 140-2) describes encryption and related security requirements that IT products should meet for sensitive, but unclassified use.

GSA Schedule 70

General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software, and Services, Section 211 of the e-Gov Act of 2002 (Cooperative Purchasing) provides authorized state and local government entities access to information technology items offered through GSA's Schedule 70 and lists corporate contracts for special items. Contracts with the COOP PURC icon indicates that state and local government entities have authorization to procure from that contract.


The NASA SEWP V GWAC (Government-wide Acquisition Contract) provides the latest information technology (IT) products and product-based services for all federal agencies. SEWP provides the best value and cost savings through innovative procurement tools and processes; premier customer service and outreach; and competition and cooperation within the industry.