A proven methodology to deliver measurable business value

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to enable business model changes and value creation. A successful transformation hinges on your organization’s ability to deliver its vision of being data-driven, to quantify and communicate business outcomes, and drive change using data within a modern, digital architecture.


TIBCO's proven methodology and reference architecture help you build the business case for this change, prescribe a clear plan to meet your goals, and execute quickly to capture fast value. The result is the foundation of a future-proofed platform so you can keep transforming, innovating, and winning.

Four Common Capabilities Found in Many Successful Digital Transformations

Four Common Capabilities Found in Many Successful Digital Transformations
Four Common Capabilities Found in Many Successful Digital Transformations


Common Capabilities of Successful Digital Businesses

  • Optimized Use of Cloud
  • Simplified Enterprise Connectivity
  • Maximized Value of Data Assets
  • Real-time Event Response
  • Prescriptive Plan for Success
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Optimized Operations

What if your IT environment had no roadblocks? Successful digital businesses take full advantage of modern cloud architectures and the value they bring including reduced costs using automation, less infrastructure and IT management, dynamic scaling up and down as business needs demand, and more.

Connected Digital Products & Services

Agility, the ability to adapt to change quickly, is a key capability. Empowering anyone inside or outside the organization to securely connect multiple components into a fully functioning business app or process will differentiate your business. No longer is your ability to respond to market changes throttled through a single team with too many requests and limited resources.

Maximized Value of Data Assets

Data as a Strategic Asset

When you can manage, share, and exploit the value of all your data, you thrive. A master data management program aligning people, processes, and systems can ensure consistent, accurate data. Look to a single platform to manage all data on customers, products, locations, suppliers, accounts, and more—plus vital information about your data like reference data and metadata.

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Compelling Experiences

Compelling customer, partner, and employee experiences help build lasting relationships that differentiate organizations. The source is an understanding of what is happening across the business in real time, identifying meaningful events, and determining next best actions that will yield the best outcome—all fast enough to deliver superior service that conveys who you are and that you care.

Prescriptive Plan for Success

TIBCO Digital Transformation (TIBCO DX)

TIBCO DX delivers measurable business value on a defined timeline, allowing you to take initial use cases into production within weeks, not months or years. It’s a proven methodology that takes your current state and business objectives and provides a clear plan for success, laying the foundation for a future-proof platform for accelerating innovation and continuous transformation.