TIBCO Solutions

Universal Connectivity

An average day can feel like a constant process of opening up one application, closing it, and opening up the next. Soon enough, you’re storing pockets of data in different places and keeping a master index of where everything lives.

TIBCO is here to change that. Our suite of connectors will transform your business from a complicated web into a well-oiled ecosystem. No matter what your unique business needs, we can help you.

TIBCO Insight Platform

Leap ahead with best-in-class visual, predictive, and streaming analytics technologies.

The TIBCO Insight Platform fuses our visual, predictive, and streaming analytics technologies providing a tool suite for optimizing business operations. Like a digital nervous system, it lets you build intelligence in your business, generates actionable insights in real time and lets you capitalize on them. The platform lets you source the right data, analyze it with various techniques, and implement the resulting insights as a closed-loop solution with built-in continuous learning.

Hybrid Cloud Integration

Today, no organization exists within four walls. Organizations exist across the world, connected through technology. Digital businesses today require flexibility, adaptability, and scalability, all a result of being properly integrated. A hybrid cloud platform allows businesses go through a digital transformation to provide a compelling customer experience by connecting to many touch points and is flexible to cater to many individual needs. Now, businesses can innovate faster by connecting to one hybrid integration platform that supports both core and edge systems.

Application Integration

Today’s digital businesses demand flexibility, adaptability, and scalability. With our application integration solution, you can link applications within the organization with cloud services to simplify and automate business processes to the greatest extent possible. You can seize new business opportunities with flexible application integration technology that will let you meet the increasing requirements of Cloud, mobile and IoT while you enable growth and accommodate dynamic demand.