The world is shifting towards decentralized, distributed, and highly connected applications. Business networks are widening, and demands for open, collaborative platforms are growing.


Blockchain is not the answer to every problem, but it does bring important capabilities to these trends. Use it to support complex interactions between parties, build programmable assets, and collaborate with increased security, trust, and transparency.


Let TIBCO assist in your Blockchain journey, whether to further your understanding, or to define solutions for asset tokenization, transaction analytics, smart contracts, data privacy, information sharing, and more.


The Bytes Behind Blocks: An Architect's Guide to Blockchain

  • Make your smart contracts smarter with Project Dovetail™

Power of Blockchain

Why Blockchain?

  • Digital Twins
  • Tokenization and DeFi
  • Web3
  • Digital Identity
  • Project Dovetail by TIBCO LABS
Digital Twins

Digital twins—software models of devices, equipment, people, business processes, or other real-world entities—enable an efficient, virtualized way to test adjustments or predict outcomes before real changes are made. Bundle digital twins with blockchain for value-added features such as tamper-resistant data, enhanced transparency & traceability, and distributed storage.

Tokenization and DeFi

Tokens and decentralized finance (DeFi) present a huge opportunity for enterprises. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), utility tokens, and other programmable blockchain assets allow for new business models, enriched customer engagement, and broader accessibility. Invent new, lower-cost, decentralized, and transparent products & services—or augment existing capabilities for greater value.


Web3 is a chance to rethink Internet mechanics and transition to an open, secure, and decentralized environment for all. Blockchain, DAOs, dApps, tokenization, and smart contracts enrich this new web where we each retain ownership of our data; security & privacy are enhanced; and information's value is realized by all parties. The transformation to tomorrow's Internet starts today.

Digital Identity

Identity management is fraught with issues. Current models are limited, with control removed from the individual. Blockchain provides an opportunity for users to securely maintain control and determine what information to share with verified parties. Digital, or self-sovereign identity, is a key success factor in the digitalization of future enterprise products and services.

Project Dovetail by TIBCO LABS

The Project Dovetail™ solution by TIBCO LABS simplifies building and exposing the smart contracts used to power your blockchain business logic. Use a low-code approach to build contract logic, expose contracts as APIs, connect to enterprise applications, and more. Decouple yourself from proprietary blockchain frameworks, and build the next generation of digital applications.

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