TIBCO® Streaming Certified Professional Exam

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Exam Overview

  • Exam: TCP-TIBCO® Streaming
  • Number of exam questions: 60
  • Exam duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Percentage correct to pass the exam: 65%


Individuals who understand the basics and capabilities of TIBCO Streaming. They understand basic components, functions, and capabilities of TIBCO StreamBase Studio and EventFlow as well as key features like connecting to and ingesting data and using different operators.

Recommended General Experience

6 months of experience with streaming and managing live data.

Exam Topics

  • TIBCO Streaming Basics
  • Manual input, Test/Debug
  • Feed simulations
  • Aggregate operator
  • Query tables and Query operator
  • Tuples
  • Iterate operator
  • Arc loops
  • Modules
  • Containers
  • Interfaces
  • Extension points
  • Adapter Configurations
  • Decision Table operator
  • Unit tests
  • Apache Maven

Suggested Reading List

Standards Reference URLs

TIBCO® Streaming 10.6.1

Recommended Courses and Knowledge Assessments

Sample Questions