TCP-EMS8: TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™ 8 Certification Exam

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  • Exam: TCP-EMS8
  • Number of exam questions: 65
  • Exam duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Percentage correct to pass the exam: 62%


Qualified candidates can develop and administer a TIBCO Enterprise Message Service 8 (EMS) messaging solution of average complexity with minimal supervision or assistance. Thay can use and administer multiple EMS servers and the use multiple EMS clients, and identify key architectural features and EMS role in a messaging solution. With the required configuration details, a qualified candidate will be able to develop simple EMS applications, manage an EMS installation and understand its capabilities.

Recommended Experience

General: One year of EAI development experience with working knowledge of Windows or Unix, Networking (TCP/IP, Multicast), SSL, JNDI, exposure to Message Oriented Middleware, C, C# or Java coding ability, Oracle JMS Specification 2.x, and general experience with databases.

Product Specific: One year of active experience using TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™.

Exam Topics and Objectives

  • Architecture and Design
    • Messaging: Point-to-point, publish/subscribe, selectors, delivery modes,Header attributes.
    • Destination Bridging, Routing Scenarios
    • Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance
    • Performance Tuning, Security
    • Transactions, Inheritance, Data Store
  • Application Development
    • Programming Model
      • Connection factory, destination objects, connections
      • Synchronous vs. asynchronous messages, message objects, error handling.
  • Administration
    • Server: Parameters, fault tolerance,administration, configuration files
    • Users & Groups: Access Control
    • Admin Tool:Console commands and scripts
    • Management Console: Features
    • Runtime Monitoring: Logging, tracing, statistics and server events.

Recommended Courses and Knowledge Assessments

  • EMS301: TIBCO Enterprise Message Service 8 Administration*
  • EMS401: Developing with the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service 8 Java API*
  • EMS301 TIBCO Enterprise Message Service 8 Administration Knowledge Assessment
  • EMS401 Developing with the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service 8 Java API Knowledge Assessment

*Course materials may only be obtained by attending the course(s). View details about Courses, Knowledge Assessments, and Class Schedules.

Suggested Reading List

Documentation at TIBCO Product Documentation site.

  • TIBCO Enterprise Message Service: User's Guide, Central Administration, and Installation and Configuration
  • TIBCO Enterprise Message Service Central Administration: Concepts, Configuration and Deployment, and Installation

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Sample Questions

TIBCO EMS 8 Certification Exam Sample Questions