TIBCO Data Virtualization Certified Professional Exam

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Exam Overview

  • Exam: TCP-SPx
  • Number of exam questions: 60
  • Exam duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Percentage correct to pass the exam: 65%


Individuals who are proficient in Data Virtualization components such as Manager, Discovery, and Business Directory. Understanding SOAP, REST data sources, XML and XQuery Transformations are key. Additional knowledge in Query Engine and performance tuning is needed as well.

Recommended General Experience

6 months experience developing TIBCO Data Virtualization components.

Exam Topics

  • Introduce TIBCO Data Virtualization
  • The Manager Tool
  • The Discovery Tool
  • Business Directory
  • Publish the Resource
  • XML Transformation
  • SQL Scripts
  • Packaged Queries

Suggested Reading List

Documentation available at TIBCO Product Documention site.

  • TIBCO Data Virtualization User's Guide
  • TIBCO Data Virtualization Discovery Guide

Standards Reference URLs

Recommended Courses and Knowledge Assessments

  • TIBCO Data Virtualization – Operations
  • TIBCO Spotfire – Proficient
  • TIBCO Data Science - Proficient

Sample Questions

TIBCO Data Virtualization Certified Professional Exam Sample Questions