TIBCO Cloud™ Integration Associate Certification Exam Sample Questions

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Please note: Your successful completion of these sample questions is not a guarantee of passing TIBCO's actual certification exam. 

Sample Questions

  1. Peek View provides a summary of app details from the Apps List page. True or false?
    1. true
    2. false


  2. Rest Service binding supports which type of message types?
    1. JSON
    2. XML
    3. Plain text
    4. All of the above


  3. Where can I view audit logs for a BW app? (example: app rename)
    1. Logs tab
    2. History tab
    3. Both A & B
    4. None of the above


  4. What is a trigger?
    1. A custom activity to process events
    2. The first activity of a flow
    3. A group of events
    4. It received an event and activates the respective flows


  5. How should errors be handled in a flow action?
    1. Using Flow error handler and error branch
    2. Using error activity
    3. Using custom extension
    4. Not supported



    1. A
    2. D
    3. B
    4. D
    5. A