TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Associate Certification Exam Sample Questions

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Please note: Your successful completion of these sample questions is not a guarantee of passing TIBCO's actual certification exam. 

Sample Questions

  1. Which product is used to build cloud-native applications and deploy it to container-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) platforms?
    1. TIBCO BusinessWorks
    2. TIBCO BusisinessWorks Container Edition
    3. TIBCO Cloud Integration
    4. TIBCO Business Studio


  2. Which TCI capability can you use to import an existing TIBCO BusinessWorks enterprise application for deployment to the cloud?
    1. Connect
    2. Develop
    3. Integrate
    4. Auditsafe


  3. What is the correct order for the application development process in BusinessWorks?
    1. Design, Develop, Deploy, Manage, Analyse
    2. Analyse, Design, Develop, Deploy, Manage
    3. Manage, Analyse, Design, Develop, Deploy
    4. Analyse, Design, Develop, Manage, Deploy


  4. What can you use to connect the activities that define the control flows?
    1. Transitions
    2. Arrows
    3. Processes
    4. Module


  5. Which of the following components can you use to explore the dependencies and references and to find the unused resources? Select 1.
    1. API Mock Apps
    2. Dependency Visualizer
    3. Debugger
    4. Plug-in tool



    1. B
    2. C
    3. B
    4. A
    5. B