TCP-BW5: TIBCO BusinessWorks™ 5 Certification Exam Sample Questions

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Please note: Your successful completion of these sample questions is not a guarantee of passing TIBCO's actual certification exam.

Sample Questions

  1. Which TIBCO product must be pre-installed in the same TIBCO_HOME as ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks?
    1. TIBCO Enterprise Message Service
    2. TIBCO Runtime Agent
    3. TIBCO Business Events
    4. TIBCO Business Studio


  2. Where is the Domain Utility run when adding a machine to a domain?
    1. on any other machine in the domain
    2. on the machine where the Administrator is installed
    3. on the machine you want to add to the domain
    4. use the Administrator GUI to add the machine


  3. Which statement is true about changing the log-level of an engine?
    1. It is changed by restarting the engine with a different -debugLevel argument.
    2. It is changed from the TIBCO Administrator by re-deployment of the engine.
    3. It is changed by modifying the bwengine.xml file, which is periodically re-read by the engine.
    4. It is changed from the TIBCO Administrator by selecting the appropriate role(s).


  4. Which processes are recovered when an ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks engine is gracefully stopped and restarted?
    1. all processes that have passed a Checkpoint activity but did not complete
    2. all processes that were paged by the engine during their execution
    3. all processes that are marked "persistent" during deployment
    4. all processes that were in progress when the shutdown was initiated


  5. To which state is a process instance re-instantiated when using a database to store process engine information?
    1. the last database update
    2. the last checkpoint
    3. the last received message
    4. the Administrator backup


  6. Which two levels of tracing are provided for tracing process resources? (Choose two.)
    1. BusinessWorks engine input XML and output XML
    2. only Write to Log activities
    3. only Service Agents
    4. any process starters


  7. The process shown in the exhibit has three transitions: the top-level transition has no condition, the middle transition has a condition on a Global Variable, and the bottom transition has an "otherwise" transition.

    Which two statements are true about this process? (Choose two.)
    1. Map-Data-0 is always executed first.
    2. If Map-Data-1 is executed, it depends on the data passed to the start activity.
    3. Map-Data-1's execution depends on the deployment.
    4. Map-Data-2 is never executed.
    5. Map-Data-2 is executed if Map-Data-1 is not executed.


  8. A called sub-process has a Generate Error activity. There are no error transitions in any of the involved processes. What happens when the Generate Error activity is executed?
    1. The uncaught exception causes the engine to exit.
    2. The process instance terminates.
    3. The job interface transitions into an error state.
    4. The sub-process restarts processing with its start activity.


  9. The Assign activity is used to assign a value to which type of variable?
    1. Global Variable
    2. Instance Variable
    3. Process Variable
    4. Shared Variable


  10. Which two types of activities have transactional capabilities in ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? (Choose two.)
    1. Java activities
    2. JMS activities
    3. Rendezvous activities
    4. SOAP activities
    5. JDBC activities


  11. 11. How are Critical section groups used?
    1. to synchronize process instances across multiple process engines
    2. to ensure activities within the group will execute at least once
    3. to group multiple activities into a higher priority
    4. to create a set of activities with a common error transition


  12. Which two transport types are supported by the ActiveEnterprise Adapter palette? (Choose two.)
    1. JMS Topic transport
    2. HTTP transport
    3. JMS Route transport
    4. Tibrv Reliable transport
    5. Tibrv Network transport


  13. Which two shared resources must be configured to implement the process shown in the graphic below? (Choose two.)

    1. Data Format
    2. TCP Connection
    3. HTTP Connection
    4. Mail Connection
    5. JDBC Connection


  14. Which three items must be supplied when specifying an ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Service Resource? (Choose three.)
    1. a WSDL file that defines the interface for the service
    2. fault messages that can be sent by the service
    3. a Process Definition that implements the operations of the service
    4. SOAP headers that you want to pass to the messages of the service
    5. a Context Resource for the incoming request
    6. endpoint bindings of the service


  15. When implementing a service, which activity must match the SOAP reply message schema?
    1. Start activity
    2. Process Starter activity
    3. End activity
    4. Partner Link activity


  1. B
  2. C
  3. D
  4. A
  5. B
  6. A and D
  7. C and D
  8. B
  9. C
  10. B and E
  11. A
  12. A and D
  13. A and E
  14. A, C, and F
  15. C