TCP-BE: TIBCO BusinessEvents® Certification Exam

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  • Exam: TCP-BusinessEvents®
  • Number of exam questions: 60
  • Exam duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Percentage correct to pass the exam: 65%


Successful candidates will be able to design, deploy, and manage rule-based and Complex Event Processing solutions of average complexity with minimal supervision or assistance. This typically involves collecting data from various sources (HTTP/S, TCP, JMS, and TIBCO Rendezvous), extracting relevant data from these events, correlating these events, and designing event data state models. 

Recommended Experience

General: One year EAI development experience, understanding of distributed computing, Message Oriented Middleware. Working experience with Java and XML, XPath and Web Services.
Product Experience: One year of active experience using Businessevents 5

Exam Topics

  • Installation: Configuration, customization, migration, command line tools
  • Development
    • Channels,Shared Resources, Events, Concepts and Scorecards
    • Rule and Rule Function, Applications as a web services
    • Testing and debugging
  • Deployment and Runtime
    • Cluster Deployment Descriptor (CDD)
    • EAR and TRA files, deployment
    • Run to Completion (RTC) behavior, Agent types
  • Architecture
    • Fault tolerance and persistence, Object Management
  • Monitoring and Management
    • Event Stream Processing, Pattern Matcher, Query Agents
    • Data Modeling, Database Concepts, Decision Manager

Suggested Reading List

  • TIBCO BusinessEvents: Installation, Architect’s Guide, Developer’s Guide, Administration
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents: Query Developer’s Guide, Event Stream Processing Pattern Matcher Developer’s Guide, Decision Manager User’s Guide
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents Data Modeling Developer’s Guide

Documentation available at TIBCO Product Documention site

Recommended Courses and Knowledge Assessments

**Course materials may only be obtained by attending TIBCO Training course(s) at TIBCO Academy

  • TIBCO BusinessEvents™ - Fundamentals
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents™ - Advanced

Sample Questions

TCP-BE5: TIBCO BusinessEvents® Certification Exam Sample Questions