TIBCO® BPM Enterprise Certification Exam Sample Questions

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Please note: Your successful completion of these sample questions is not a guarantee of passing TIBCO's actual certification exam. 

Sample Questions

  1. TIBCO BPM enterprise is non-compatible and cannot import projects from earlier versions.
    1. True
    2. False


  2. Select the Task type that you would pick in the workflow to display a data field to the user?
    1. Service Task
    2. Script Task
    3. User Task
    4. Call Sub-process Task


  3. What type of task would you select when you need to send an automatic e-mail notification?
    1. Script Task
    2. Service Task
    3. User Task
    4. Send tasks


  4. Please read the script carefully and predict the output:

    data.string1= "TIBCO";
data.string2 = '' BPM";
data.msg = data.string1 + data.string2
    1. "TIBCO BPM"
    2. would add values in data.string1 and data.string2
    3. Would throw an error
    4. None of the Above


  5. How do you change the process-level data field to a parameter?
    1. Right click on Data Field > Convert to Parameter
    2. Right click on Parameter > Convert to Parameter
    3. Right click on data field > Convert to Correlation Data
    4. Right click on Parameter > Convert to Data Field


  6. Select the mandatory attributes of a case class?
    1. Case Action
    2. Case State
    3. Case Object
    4. Case Identifier


  7. You can create case objects from case classes using which of the following?
    1. Script Task
    2. Send Task
    3. Service Task
    4. Public API


  8. Which of the following represents the authority that a organization unit, position or group can have within the organization?
    1. Queries
    2. Categories
    3. Privileges
    4. Capabilities


  9. Which of the following HTTP verb is used to retrieve information from a given server?
    1. POST
    2. PUT
    3. GET
    4. TRACE


  10. What checks the validity of data specified by the user and displays an appropriate message to the user if the validation fails?
    1. Controls
    2. Parameters
    3. Validations
    4. Bindings



  1. B
  2. C
  3. B
  4. C
  5. A
  6. B and D
  7. C and D
  8. C
  9. C
  10. C