TIBCO® BPM Enterprise Certification Exam

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  • Exam: TCP-TIBCO® BPM Enterprise
  • Number of exam questions: 60
  • Exam duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Percentage correct to pass the exam: 65%


Successful candidates will be able to develop and troubleshoot processes that translate customer requirements into a logical business process design (excluding any integration with a specific external system) with no assistance. Knowledge of process design, customization of forms, use of the Organization Model, and use of the Business Object Models. Familiarity with basic process testing and debugging techniques. Ability to deploy processes and perform basic administration as well as configure and use the standard run-time clients. Understanding of process management, version control, and the impact of process design on the end-user view.

Recommended Experience

General:  One-year development experience in distributed computing, business process management, exposure to XML, JSON, HTTP/HTTPS, and Web Services.

Product Experience:  Six months experience with TIBCO BPM Enterprise in designing, developing, managing, and monitoring process instances, business services, and work lists.

Exam Topics

  • Understanding of TIBCO BPM Enterprise
  • Project Types
  • Processes, Process Modelling, and Sub-processes
  • Scripting and Process Data
  • Events, Loops, and Gateways
  • Case Management
  • Organization Modeling, Resource Patterns, and Work Distribution
  • Using REST Services with TIBCO BPM Enterprise
  • Forms and Custom Forms
  • Dynamic Organizations
  • Migration to TIBCO BPM Enterprise 5

Suggested Reading List

Documentation available at TIBCO Product Documentation site.

  • TIBCO BPM Enterprise: Administration, Business Data Services Developer Guide, Case Data User Guide
  • TIBCO BPM Enterprise: Concepts, Deployment, Developers Guide, Organization Browser User's Guide
  • TIBCO Openspace User's Guide
  • TIBCO Business Studio: Concepts, BPM Implementation Guide, Modeling Guides, Form's User’s Guide
  • TIBCO Workspace: Configuration and Customization, User's Guide
  • TIBCO BPM Enterprise Troubleshooting Guide

Recommended Course

  • TIBCO® BPM Enterprise 5 - Proficient

Sample Questions