Value+ Plan

TIBCO has designed a set of advisory and training services designed to ensure customers derive maximum business value from their TIBCO investment. The focus of these services is on getting to value quickly while ensuring that your integration solutions keep up with the changing and evolving needs of the business.

The Value Plan is provided for SMB customers, and provides the following services:

  • Customer Success Management: A TIBCO Customer Success Manager and (as required) CS Engineer/Architect will be assigned to your organization and will check in regularly on your progress and success.

  • Kickoff & Onboarding: The onboarding process expedites the planning and facilitating of the project, and centers around a project kick-off to confirm fulfillment and access; validate product capabilities in scope; share recommended resources; advise on the project plan, and review implementation activities and timeline.

  • Administrative Essentials: Preparations are made for understanding and advising on the administrative essentials of the product suite in focus. Here are some examples:

    • Example #1: TCI - The focus could be more on TIBCO Cloud Overview and Foundational Onboarding /Enablement. Review best practices and advise on life cycle requirements from provisioning to go-live checkpoint, monitoring and on-going maintenance, such as:

      • Confirm provisioning of TIBCO Cloud instance;
      • Review environment/lifecycle requirements;
      • Setup child organizations as required
      • Assist with setup of on-premise connectivity from TIBCO Cloud
      • Assist with setup of SSO to the TIBCO Cloud instance
      • Provide high level expertise for connectors and/or adapters that may be required for proper integration
    • Example #2: Mashery - The focus could be more on pre-production checklists, such as:

      • Review Monitoring Strategy
      • Review Deployment/Failover Plan
    • Example #3: Spotfire, TIBCO Data Science, or TIBCO Data Virtualization - The focus could be more on Basic Admin Guidance, such as:

      • Planning & process of getting started with technical implementation.
      • Architectural orientation & resources on architecture, configuration, enablement (for personas like Admin, Developer, etc), Support Portal, awareness of product updates, etc.
  • Premium Content: Access to premium assets. These vary by product suite but as available can include software components such as tools, projects, templates, adaptors, workflows, exclusive help guides, etc.

  • Enablement & Training:

    • Awareness of basic resources for enablement of administrators and other core users, including orientation guides for installation, configuration, and basic enablement (including access to expert-led webinars, etc).

    • For TCI customers, there is a session provided on Getting Started with TIBCO Cloud Training.

    • There are also two levels of training available for the following product suites: TCI-BW, TCI-Connect, TCI-Flogo, Live Apps, Mashery

      • TCI Training – You will have access to Level I & Level II Training. Level I is available as an online course. Level II training is delivered virtually eight times per year. It is also available in a classroom setting twice annually at pre-announced TIBCO locations. You will find schedule and registration information here.

      • TCI/Mashery/Live Apps Scheduled Expert Consulting – You have up to 22 hours to schedule time with a TIBCO consultant to cover topics of your choice or for one of the following packages:

        • Get Smart Enablement
          • TCI Technical Overview (for components other than TCI Connect)
          • Get Smart with Integrate (TCI-BW)
          • Get Smart with Develop (TCI-Flogo)
          • Get Smart with Manage (Mashery)
          • Get Smart with Live Apps
        • Mashery Cloud/SaaS Developer Portal Assist

        • Integration Check-Up

        • Replication Services (RS) Set-Up

      Note: Time must be scheduled in advance.


      If additional scope is required, this will be handled through a mutually executed Change Order. This package cannot exceed 32 hours.