Standard Assurance Subscription

TIBCO has designed a set of advisory and training services designed to ensure customers derive maximum business value from their TIBCO Scribe investment. The focus of these services is on getting to value quickly while ensuring that your integration solutions keep up with the changing and evolving needs of the business.



On-boarding Success Package

Design; Assurance
Standard Level I & Tailored Level II Training

Sustained Success Package

2 Refresher Trainings per year

Scheduled Expert Consulting (per year)

16 Hours

Onboarding Success

  • Design Assurance – A TIBCO expert consultant will work with your team to validate an optimized integration solution design to support a single project’s integration requirements. This service is delivered remotely.  Recommendations, documentation, and tools are provided as part of this offering.
  • Standard Training – Level I Training is available as an online course to an unlimited number of people. Registration for one person in TIBCO’s regularly scheduled Level II Training. Level II training is delivered classroom style.

Sustained Success

  • Check-Up – A TIBCO expert consultant will perform an analysis of the ongoing job execution history and error patterns. A report detailing findings and recommendations for improvement/optimization is provided.  A review covers up to one integration process. This service is delivered remotely.
  • Scheduled Expert Consulting – You can schedule time with a TIBCO consultant to cover topics of your choice.  Time must be scheduled in advance for a minimum 2-hour block.
  • Refresher Training – This provides registration for two additional people to attend a TIBCO Level II training.


If additional scope is required, this will be handled through a mutually executed Change Order. Travel and living expenses, if any, are additional and will be invoiced separately. The subscription includes a maximum of 26 hours.