RS Set-Up

A TIBCO expert consultant will work with your team to set-up an ongoing replication of either your Dynamics 365 or Salesforce CRM data to an on-premise database.

Description of work

Product Training

Level 1 Online Training

Design and System Set-Up

This component of the offering ensures focuses on Agent setup and deployment, set-up of your connections and selecting entities.  Set-up recommendations will incorporate best practices and how they work with the incremental update (or net change) process.

Errors & Troubleshooting

This session will cover how RS works with SQL/Oracle/MySQL, what to expect and what you can and cannot do to SQL/Oracle/MySQL, understanding the extraction history and specific errors that can occur, as well as, troubleshooting tips for Agents and Connections.


If additional scope is required, this will be handled through a mutually executed Change Order. Travel and living expenses, if any, are additional and will be invoiced separately. The subscription cannot exceed 6 hours.