TIBCO Scribe Partner Assurance Subscription

TIBCO has designed a set of advisory and training services designed to ensure TIBCO Scribe partners derive maximum business value from TIBCO Scribe investment. The focus of these services is on enablement, so that partners can maximize value, while ensuring that the integration implementation services are a profitable offering within your business.



Product Training

Online Level I & Virtual Level II

Office Hours

Held Monthly
Scheduled in Advance

Scheduled Expert Consulting (per year)

10 Hours

Integration Outcome Success

  • Standard Training – Level I Training is available as an online course to an unlimited number of people. Registration for one person in Scribe’s regularly scheduled Level II Training. Level II training is delivered class room style. In the US, sessions are hosted at Scribe’s office. In Europe, sessions are hosted at TIBCO’s office, another location determined by TIBCO, or delivered remotely at Scribe’s discretion.
  • Office Hours – A TIBCO expert consultant will host open calls three times per month to answer questions on a wide range of topics including integration design with TIBCO Scribe, performance, job execution history, errors and other relevant TIBCO Scribe and integration related topics.
  • Scheduled Expert Consulting – You can schedule time with a TIBCO consultant to cover topics of your choice.  Time must be scheduled in advance for a minimum 2-hour block.


If additional scope is required, this will be handled through a mutually executed Change Order. Travel and living expenses, if any, are additional and will be invoiced separately. The subscription includes a maximum of 10 hours.