Design Assurance

A TIBCO expert consultant will work with your team to validate an integration solution design and project plan to support a single project’s integration requirements.

Description of work


  • Complete TIBCO provided questionnaire with an overview of integration vision at the business level and all known requirements
  • Provide access to design environment for integrated systems.
  • Make required client personnel with the knowledge of the project and systems available for the Design Analysis.
  • Primary user complete Level I training prior to Design Analysis.


  • Perform requirements analysis
  • Review security requirements
  • Discuss performance requirements
  • Define system of record and linking methods
  • Define scheduling requirements
  • Review best practices for monitoring ongoing integrations
  • Conduct an Integration Evaluation prior to scheduled “go live”, provide additional recommendations


  • Integration design recommendations via Design Assurance Report


  • Services are delivered remotely include a maximum of 8 hours


If additional scope is required, this will be handled through a mutually executed Change Order. Travel and living expenses, if any, are additional and will be invoiced separately.