Basic Plan

TIBCO has designed a set of advisory and training services designed to ensure customers derive maximum business value from TIBCO.
The focus of these services is on getting to value quickly while ensuring that your integration solutions keep up with the changing and evolving needs of the business.

  • Customer Success Management – A TIBCO Customer Success Manager will be assigned to your organization.  They will be a primary contact for you as you onboard and grow as a TIBCO customer.

Expert Resources – You have 40 hours of access to TIBCO experts to address topics of your choice or for one of the following service offerings listed below. Your CSM and CSA will work with you to select the appropriate offerings based on your project, staff and desired outcomes.

Premium Content

  • Access through TIBCO Connect Success Portal to a set of tools, projects, templates and custom software

Project Guidance

  • Project Kick-off – A Kick-off Meeting will start the planning process and validate product capabilities in scope, deliver the project plan and review implementation activities. Also included:
    • Confirm provisioning of TIBCO Cloud instance
    • Review environment
    • Identify other lifecycle requirements
    • Review monitoring strategy
    • Review Deployment/Failover Plan (If applicable)
    • Provide pre-production checklist
    • Project plan is provided
    • Coordinate and run Project Status Meetings
  • Project Status Management
    • Liaise with the customer's project manager, and conduct regular check-ins as needed to review project status and progress.

Training & Enablement

  • TIBCO Cloud Overview & Foundational onboarding
    • Confirm provisioning of TIBCO Cloud instance
    • Getting Started with TIBCO Cloud Training Session
    • Review environment/lifecycle requirements
    • Setup child organizations as required
  • Get Smart Enablement- Virtual training sessions led by Product experts to train customers on product usage.
    • TCI Technical Overview (for components other than TCI Connect)
    • Get Smart with Integrate (TCI-BW)
    • Get Smart with Develop (TCI-Flogo)
    • Get Smart with Manage (Mashery)
    • Get Smart with Live Apps
  • TCI Connect Level II Product Training

Administration Essentials

  • TCI
    • Review best practices and advise on life cycle requirements from provisioning to go-live checkpoint, monitoring and on-going maintenance.
    • Confirm provisioning of TIBCO Cloud instance;
    • Review environment/lifecycle requirements;
    • Pre-production Checklist
  • Mashery
    • Review Monitoring Strategy
    • Review Deployment/Failover Plan (If applicable)
    • Basic Admin Guidance
    • Pre-production Checklist
  • Spotfire, TDV, TDS
    • Planning & process of getting started with technical implementation.
    • Architecture orientation & resources on architecture, configuration, enablement (for personas like Admin, Developer, etc), Support Portal, awareness of product updates, etc.

Advanced Administration

  • SSO configuration
  • Embedding
  • Best Practice Sessions
    • Planning for Scale
    • Performance Optimization and Testing
    • Monitoring
    • Upgrade management
    • Security

Basic Application Setup

  • On-premise connectivity from TIBCO Cloud
  • SSO to the TIBCO Cloud instance
  • Child Orgs
  • Replication Services

Advanced Application Set-up

  • Enterprise UI Portal Creation (As applicable)
    • SSL Configuration
    • Basic Portal Skinning
    • Registration Form Setup
    • Email Notifications Setup
  • Application and/or Proxy setup assistance
    • Integration Applications (3)
    • Proxy (3) - Packages/Plan, Endpoints, IO Docs
    • Connectors (If Applicable)
    • Publish TCI Endpoint to Mashery (If Applicable)
    • Assistance with Creation of Working Application/Endpoints

Product Consultation

  • Company direction and events
  • SOD reviews
  • Beta availability
  • Product announcement & Demos
  • GA & HF releases
  • Upgrade planning
  • Related security incidents

Executive Review

  • A TIBCO hosted meeting designed for the stakeholders on your Executive Team to analyze the current and future business impact of TIBCO on your organization.


All services are conducted remotely. This plan cannot exceed 40 hours.