Overview of Special TIBCO Scribe Partner Bridge Program with Insight Maintenance Conversion to Subscription Incentive


The program outlined below is available only to former Scribe partners and is offered in an effort to provide a bridge when joining the new TIBCO Partner Program. In agreeing to participate and meet requirements, partners can maintain current margins on Scribe Insight Maintenance and TIBCO Scribe® Online/the TIBCO Cloud™ Integration iPaaS throughout 2021 while partnering with TIBCO to drive net new business and convert Scribe Insight customers to TIBCO Cloud Integration subscribers.

Program Requirements

  • Participating partners must join the TIBCO Partner Program (TPP) and acknowledge participation in this Scribe Partner Bridge program on or before March 31, 2021
  • Participating partners must attend a scheduled program kickoff meeting.
  • Participating Partners must close at least one new or expansion transaction or one Insight Maintenance to TCI conversion on or before August 27, 2021 to maintain program benefits for the balance of 2021.

Program Benefits

  • Eligible partners who have been receiving margin on Scribe Insight Maintenance will maintain that margin through 2021 while actively participating with TIBCO to convert Insight customers to TCI.
  • Participating partners will be eligible to receive a 30% Subscription Conversion referral fee on any Scribe Insight to TIBCO Cloud Integration deal converted during the balance of 2021. (30% referral fee on net new upsell as per TIBCO Partner Program)
    • Note: Each deal will need to be approved as some restrictions apply.
  • Eligible reselling partners who have been receiving 5% margin on Scribe Online/TCI renewals will maintain that margin through 2021 if actively working with TIBCO to drive new business.

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