Your Journey into Artificial Intelligence

Power Business Growth with AI & Analytics

AI has the potential to transform the Travel industry. But one size does not fit all. What problems can it solve for your company?

With insights from Airbnb, Air Canada, and TIBCO Software, this whitepaper discusses how you can create an AI and advanced analytics strategy that meets the specific needs of your business.

For this whitepaper, we partnered with online travel intelligence provider EyeforTravel to present:

  • Statistics on AI adoption, growth rates, and revenue trends
  • Key information for revenue managers, analytics experts, ecommerce executives, and tech aficionados
  • The all-important link between AI and profitability for world leading travel brands

Get insight into:

  • Deep learning techniques and neural network models that drive real-time, optimized results for your customer
  • How AI can empower your teams to make better predictive decisions and dramatically boost productivity
  • The data engine needed for machine learning to deliver a rich picture of the traveller to drive loyalty
  • The advanced analytics systems needed to run sophisticated algorithms that ensure aggressive levels of growth

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