What Low Code Means for Business and IT

For business users, low-code development platforms mean they can quickly and easily create business applications without IT help—as well as quickly update and extend those applications. With low code, innovation is supported without costly or time-consuming development and test cycles. 

While low-code development platforms are especially exciting for business users, lots of developers and use cases can benefit from them also. 

Low-code platforms can streamline interactions between business users and technical developers. With business users empowered to solve some of their problems through self-service automation, technical developers are now free to focus on tasks that truly require their in-depth technical skills. 

When an organization adopts a low-code platform, it creates an environment in which operational efficiency improves, collaboration and workflow are more streamlined, and innovation is constant. 

For more on how low-code development platforms are changing the business- and IT relationship, download this whitepaper by independent analyst Sandy Kemsley.

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