Transform Operations with Real-time Intelligence through Hyperconverged Analytics

With growing data volumes, especially real-time data, the demands on analytics are significant. Traditional BI that focuses on historical data, flat dashboards, and costly manual interventions, can’t keep pace. What’s needed is an approach that embraces change and can transform it into competitive advantage. 

Hyperconverged analytics that seamlessly integrates immersive visual analytics, smart embedded data science, and real-time analytics is that approach. 

This whitepaper sets out:

  • The surprising number of opportunities for organizations to gain insights from real-time analytics. (It’s not all about the Internet of Things.)
  • The virtuous cycle of real-time analytics: Alert → Respond → Predict → Learn → Automate—and the importance of dynamic learning.
  • The three modes of real-time analytics.
  • How the hyperconvergence of real-time analytics, immersive visual analytics, and data science radically improves your ability to adapt fast.

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