Transaction Modernization Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are being challenged to provide better quality services and comply with demanding regulatory requirements – all while keeping costs in check. TIBCO understands the associated IT challenges and knows how to navigate the fast-changing healthcare environment and prepare for initiatives like HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10.

There are many steps along the Healthcare Transaction Lifecycle that require information to be transmitted between organizations – Enrollment, Eligibility, Claim, Claim Inquiry, and Payment. If there is a problem with any of these interactions, treatment and payments can be delayed. Errors are time-consuming and expensive to correct. TIBCO enables organizations to prevent errors, more easily identify and correct errors when they occur, and gain insight from the data flowing through their EDI gateway. We have helped some of the most progressive healthcare organizations – large and small – to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the Payer / Provider / Clearinghouse relationship through:

  • Transaction Automation
  • Transaction Validation
  • Transaction Visibility
  • Trading Partner Community Management

With the integration of Foresight Corporation TIBCO adds 20 years of leadership in EDI management and innovative healthcare solutions to extend the breadth, depth, and credibility of our healthcare capabilities. It’s why healthcare organizations – including a majority of BlueCross BlueShield organizations and plans covering over 100 million members – are using TIBCO solutions today.

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