TIBCO's Unfair Advantage in Data and Analytics

Five ways “better together” technology combinations drive greater business agility

By Mark Palmer, SVP of Analytics, TIBCO

With the increasing importance of AI and automation, digital business leaders are faced with a daunting challenge: Simultaneously become more insight-driven, automated, and agile.

Innovative technology is the solution. But technology is also a challenge, because too many tools are inefficient, and too few are complete. How can you find the right balance? At TIBCO, we believe the perfect balance occurs using our open, best-in-class, elegantly pre-integrated tools working with tools you already own.

Reflective of this strategy, in the last 18 months, TIBCO has acquired several best-in-class software companies, helping catapult us to leadership positions in five new software categories:

  • Data Science (via Statistica)
  • iPaaS (via Scribe)
  • Data Preparation (via Alpine Data)
  • Data Virtualization (via Composite/Cisco)
  • Master Data Management (via Orchestra Networks)

As the SVP and GM of TIBCO's analytics business, it's my job to steer our data and analytics acquisitions to help strike this perfect balance for our customers. So when we consider acquisitions, we apply a principle we call "better together," which ensures that, when combined, our products strengthen each other to deliver far more business value, far faster, than when used standalone—so that 1+1 doesn't have to mean just 2.

This whitepaper sets out five ways organizations like yours can use these combinations to drive more business value and agility.

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