TIBCO Master Data Management Platform

TIBCO® MDM is an event-driven, multi-domain master data management solution designed specifically for fast-paced, multi-party, and multi-tier distribution environments. TIBCO MDM provides a platform to build and maintain a single, comprehensive, and trusted version of data about your customers, suppliers, physical assets, organization, partners, products, materials, employees, and other resources.

By consolidating, de-duplicating, and cleansing information located in multiple application silos scattered across the enterprise, TIBCO MDM allows you to build a trusted source of critical master data and access it in real time to make more informed business decisions. Business management can derive huge value on a variety of initiatives such as:

  1. Plan and support new product offerings
  2. Increase the profitability of new product launches
  3. Enable proactive customer marketing
  4. Identify customer upsell/cross-sell opportunities
  5. Deliver a higher quality of service that is tailored to customer’s specific needs
  6. Reduce and manage risks when acquiring new businesses

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