TIBCO Live Datamart: Push-Based Real-Time Analytics

TIBCO® Live Datamart is a new approach to real-time analytics and data warehousing for environments where large volumes of data require a management by exception approach to business operations. TIBCO Live Datamart combines techniques from complex event processing (CEP), active databases, online analytic processing (OLAP), and data warehousing to create a live data warehouse against which continuous queries are executed. The resulting system enables users to make ad hoc queries against tens of millions of live records, and receive push-based updates when the results of their queries change.

TIBCO Live Datamart is used for operational and risk monitoring in high-frequency trading environments, where conditional alerting and automated remediation enable a handful of operators to manage millions of transactions per day, and make the results of trading visible to hundreds of customers in real time. TIBCO Live Datamart is also used in retail to track inventory, and in discrete manufacturing for defect management.

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