TIBCO ComputeDB: 8X Faster than Apache Hive with LLAP

TIBCO ComputeDB™ software is a high-performance big data query service that provides users the ability to run real-time analytic queries at interactive speeds. It is designed to support complex aggregation queries as well as low latency point-lookup queries in a single cluster, and through optional use of statistical sampling query techniques, offers a very versatile service for analytic queries.

While TIBCO ComputeDB software offers a number of advancements beyond performance, in a recent TIBCO TPC-H benchmark comparing it with Apache Hive, the focus was on performance because it is the primary vector that defines productivity when working with static datasets. This whitepaper reports on the results of that test, finding, in part, that TIBCO ComputeDB software performance translates into a 15x cost savings in the cloud just on hardware cost alone.

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