TIBCO Cloud Integration and Node.js: Working in perfect harmony

Node.js is turning into one of the most popular application platforms for web development and microservices. A recent paper from Forrester Research, described it as a Swiss Army Knife rather than just another application platform. Here at TIBCO, we agree and have added full support of Node.js applications to our iPaaS product, TIBCO Cloud™ Integration.

  • The TIBCO Cloud Integration API modeler eases the process of defining and sharing API specs.
  • Node.js skeletons can be automatically generated from the API specification to kickstart the development cycle.
  • The completed Node.js apps can then be hosted in the same iPaaS alongside TIBCO BusinessWorks™ integration apps, TIBCO Cloud Integration—Web Integrator apps, or the new TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps application, which allows business/citizen developers to create fully functional, smart applications in minutes and solve complex problems with ease.

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