TDWI Best Practices Report: Data Management for Advanced Analytics

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With the diverse set of advanced analytics tools on the market today, how do you know which data management solution will work for your organization? The trick is to find the right one for your particular advanced analytics solution. 

That’s why we are giving you access to the new report “Data Management for Advanced Analytics” by research firm Transforming Data with Intelligence (TDWI).

In the report, you’ll learn from practitioners in the field the data management strategies and best practices that can help steer your organization in the right direction. Facts like:


  • The most popular form of advanced analytics in use today is statistical techniques at 78%. As organizations seek to predict business events and react proactively, use of predictive analytics has increased aggressively to 65%.
  • Two of the hottest growth areas in AA today are self-service data practices and machine learning. 
  • Predictive analytics is often supported by techniques in machine learning (53%) and/or artificial intelligence (32%). Techniques using autoML tools (20%) with built-in best practices have been made more approachable for users and more productive for data scientists.
  • Learn why reporting and analytics are often confused and how you can distinguish the two to get the most out of them.

(TDWI, Data Management for Advanced Analytics, 2020, Philip Russom)

And, there’s also a handy list at the end of the report with 12 priorities for aligning a data management solution with your current advanced analytics tools.

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