Sustainable Smart Cities and the Power of the IoT

The new Smart City depends on gathering vast amounts of information from IoT devices. But today, this data is rarely all used because of the complexity of interconnecting IoT platforms and interpreting diverse data types. Yet, without the ability to collect, interpret, draw insights, and act on this data quickly, we will fail to leverage the multitude of possibilities that truly define the Smart City.

An expanding network of IoT applications spread across multiple projects and geographies necessitate interoperability among information systems. Interoperability will enable accessibility to open data for development of new citizen-centric services and applications, centralized governance over smart city projects, and a secure, seamless, efficient city ecosystem.

Along with illustrative case studies, this whitepaper sets out the scope and objectives of a Smart City solution including:

  • Key technological capabilities
  • How cities reap maximum value from the IoT
  • Monitoring and data analysis
  • Open data and & data security
  • Why TIBCO is the missing link in meeting these goals

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