Open Banking 2020: The Complete Guide to Tech Innovation

The dream of open banking is to enable innovative banking services anywhere and everywhere by encouraging an all-out technology arms race between traditional banks, startups, and social media behemoths.

For the consumer, open banking promises to provide more choices, better service, and frictionless commerce. For developers, new technology and tech-centric regulations provide the opportunity to make banking systems more agile, intelligent, and automated. And for business, it sets up a level and disruptive playing field.

Download this whitepaper to explore these topics:

  • Can open banking disrupt traditional banking?
  • Understanding and navigating new open banking regulations
  • The elements of an open banking culture
  • The top five game-changing sources of innovation
  • Case studies that provide an early glimpse into the disruptive effects to come

Featured Expert:

  • Mark Palmer, SVP of Data and Analytics, TIBCO

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