More Horsepower Than A Mule: Why TIBCO Is The Leader In Integration

MuleSoft recently made claims with six reasons why they think they have a better integration solution than TIBCO. Even a cursory glance at their claims reveals information that is either woefully outdated or simply not true. 

This paper looks at the reality of how TIBCO compares to MuleSoft in these areas, and why TIBCO is the clear choice for businesses who need a truly modern solution for digital transformation.

TIBCO is the clear leader in integration when your organization is...

  • Moving to the cloud
  • Participating in the API economy 
  • An existing TIBCO BusinessWorks 5 customer looking to migrate to the latest capabilities
  • Looking to reduce operational complexity
  • Growing connectivity requirements
  • Embracing DevOps or Continuous Integration and Delivery processes

Download the paper to see why TIBCO has more horsepower than a mule.

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