Microservices & Kafka

A perfect match for enabling event-driven architecture and supercharging integration

The business trend today is to process information as it’s generated and take action in real time.

Applications work 24x7, maintain 99.999% uptime, and scale to meet unpredictable workloads. They use a multitude of services provided by systems ranging from on-premises and cloud-native to third-party. A modern pizza delivery business might use several apps to create orders, process payments, allocate drivers, track driver locations, and update customers on their delivery times.

Today’s applications increasingly need to be integrated with a multitude of highly specialized cloud services. You need a modern cloud-native platform that supports dev-ops practices, fast and elastic scalability, and vast choices of development patterns. This platform is also needed to move the business from synchronous messaging that waits for a reply before proceeding to messaging that allows for real-time automated action.

In contrast to traditional, rigid, three-tier (application server) architectures, synchronous exchange of information (request/reply), and static linear processes, event-driven architectures react quickly and can help you take advantage of new opportunities at the moment they arise.

This whitepaper describes two huge advantages of combining microservices and Kafka:

  1. Event-driven agility
  2. Faster time to market for application development.


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