Meet the Experts: Predictive Maintenance in the Industrial Sector

Digitalization is allowing industrial companies to collect ever larger volumes of data from disparate systems and then leverage this data as part of their continuous improvement process. Predictive maintenance perfectly illustrates the benefits of collecting and leveraging data to predict and optimize the service life of equipment, or even to enhance the customer experience.

In this report, experts in the fields of analytics and big data share their views on how the industrial sector is evolving in an increasingly digital world. Discussion points include:

  • Benefits of a data-driven approach in industry
  • Challenges on the path from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance
  • How data can be extracted, processed, and delivered in real time to optimize decision-making in an industrial setting
  • Guidelines for setting predictive maintenance project milestones  
  • Recommended tools for predictive maintenance and a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)


  • Jean-Jacques Perez, Business Developer, Big Data & Predictive Maintenance, CS Group
  • Thomas Feron, Senior Solution Consultant, TIBCO Software

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