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The Role of Analytics in the Financial Sector

An ever-growing torrent of data enabled by improvements in storage capacity is shaking up the activities and strategies of many organizations, especially in the financial sector with its historically strong reliance on data. 

In this report, experts in the fields of analytics, statistics, and big data share their views on how finance is evolving in an increasingly digital world. The discussion points include:

  • Typical use cases of analytics in the financial sector
  • The impact AI will have on current risk management practice
  • Improvements and optimization of the fraud detection cycle
  • The role of analytics in personalized financial offerings
  • Best practices for improving the quality and traceability of data

Featured Experts:

  • Philippe Struillou, Consulting Director, Lincoln
  • Christophe Le Lannou, Founder and CEO, dataLearning
  • Franck Leonard, Big Data Consultant, TIBCO Software

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