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Master Data Management in the Human Resources Office

As companies work to remain competitive in today's economy, one of their biggest challenges is the effective management of human capital.

Managing employee data: organizational structures, locations, career growth, training programs, performance appraisals, and compensation is critical for a well-run Human Resources (HR) organization—and a comprehensive, accurate, and global understanding of employee data is required to effectively run a business and optimize the productivity of its workforce.

Today's HR departments must deliver a wider range of shared services to better manage human capital. These new services, including career and talent management, relocation, compensation, and training all need to share a unified employee master. But employee master data is no longer simply a person's employment record in an ERP system. It must now be decoupled from applications, extended with complex attributes, and ultimately governed outside of the context of any specific HR system.

TIBCO EBX® software is the first master data management solution to provide Human Resources teams with all the features needed for true data governance in a single platform. It offers the most complete, end-to-end MDM solution and addresses data modeling, quality, management, governance, lineage, and integration. This whitepaper summarizes the value Human Resources teams can achieve using the capabilities available only in EBX® software.

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