Joint interview: Data Visualization and Predictive Analysis Platform

The combined contributions of TIBCO Statistica and TIBCO Spotfire

Two BI specialists share their views. This whitepaper is in French.

What are the contributions of statistical analysis tools? What are the benefits of using both TIBCO Statistica and TIBCO Spotfire together? How to democratize access to big data? What is the role of citizen data scientists? What are the benefits of an analytical platform for IoT projects?

TIBCO Spotfire, the main engine of TIBCO Insight Platform, has always been a pioneer in data mining and data visualization. The recent integration of TIBCO Statistica with TIBCO's analytical solutions brings new capabilities in modeling and predictive analytics.

Sihem Merah and Olivier Lebret, specialists in TIBCO's analytical solutions, explain how the combination of these two solutions makes advanced analytics even more accessible to users.

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