Introducing Data Virtualization for Streaming Data

Virtualize data at rest and data in motion

As corporations in all industries aim to make their data architectures more resilient to change, faster to access, and more secure, the field of data virtualization has grown at a dramatic pace. In TIBCO's solution alone, more than 300 sources of enterprise data can be virtualized into a single view—making complex data access simple, with a business-friendly layer over it. These expansive views make it easier to find, understand, and use all the right data. Your users can focus on the data's business value, while your data engineers take care of the rest.

But, although data in your ERP, CRM, and data lakes are most likely your system of record, the rising importance of data in motion—streaming data from systems, customer interactions, IoT sensor readings, and more—has been an afterthought by data virtualization software providers. Until now.

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