How to Tell if Your Integration Solution is a Trojan Horse

(and why you can’t ignore the need for pervasive integration)

Integration solutions have evolved beyond simply connecting monolithic systems within the boundaries of an organization. Integration has also become the pervasive connective tissue inherent in all modern applications, APIs, microservices, and functions to enable digital transformation and business agility across the enterprise.

To truly enable digital transformation, you need a platform that is modern and flexible enough to connect systems and people beyond IT. However, not all integration solutions are able to deliver on this promise. In fact, some solutions are like Trojan horses: appealing on the surface, but can actually weaken your organization from within.

This paper describes five key signs that your integration solution may be a Trojan horse. Download the whitepaper to see if your integration solution has any of these characteristics. It's time to remove your Trojan horse before it's too late.

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