Guiding Principles For Creating The Right Streaming Analytics Solution For Your Organization

Detecting and acting on events (website clicks, credit card swipes, gear turns—any action that generates a data signal) as they happen is the golden prize in today’s digital marketplace. Everyone is striving for an event-driven architecture that can sense and respond to events. And, to analyze those events in real time, traditional analytics is no longer enough. You need streaming analytics to increase revenue, reduce cost, and control risk.

As with other data modernization efforts, setting up a well-functioning streaming analytics system presents challenges. To make it work, you might need to re-architect legacy systems, bring departments like business and IT together, train workers, or hire the right talent to address business, technical, and governance limitations.

TIBCO has partnered with research and consulting firm Eckerson Group to assemble the Streaming Analytics Report: Architecting for Real-time Insights to help guide your journey to streaming analytics. 

Download this report to learn:

  • Benefits and challenges of streaming analytics
  • Sample streaming analytics offerings
  • Reference architecture of streaming analytics
  • Questions to help steer you to the right streaming analytics solution

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