FORRESTER REPORT: Digital Transformation Using Node.js.

Node.js is the tool of choice for digital upstarts. Application development and delivery (AD&D) pros in enterprises around the world are successfully using it to transform their businesses.

Behind the push is that everyone is adopting more things more quickly more devices, more technology, more concepts. Forrester calls the trend “hyperadoption,” or “the rapid, simultaneous uptake of unprecedented behaviors”.*

Hyperadoption is driving the need to build new digital experiences quickly, then tossing them out if customers show no signs of adoption. The process requires an advanced application development platform: Node.js. 

Read the Forrester report, “Digital Transformation Using Node.js” to learn what makes Node.js:

  • Enterprise-ready
  • Fit to power digital transformation
  • More than just an application platform

Node.js is an inherent component of TIBCO Cloud™ Integration, allowing you to build applications and create custom functionality for your API definitions. In this video, we show you how to write, build, and deploy a Node.js application within TIBCO Cloud Integration.

*Forrester Digital Transformation Using Node.js, Michael Facemire and Martin Gill, November 2016