Five Steps to Jumpstart Your Artificial Intelligence Success

It seems like Artificial Intelligence (AI), and it's close cousins Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL), are everywhere. An analysis of 2018 technology predictions reveals a landscape dominated by artificial intelligence. Not only was AI core to 9 of their 33 predictions, it was a vital enabler in nearly a dozen others, and no other topic came close to AI in importance.

Yet according to Gartner Inc. only 20% of CIOs report experimenting with AI today, meaning 80% of organizations have not yet commenced their AI journey. With AI hype so high, why is adoption not moving apace? What is holding everyone back? Fear of the unknown? Lack of funding? Or could it be that most organizations have not yet found the formula needed to jumpstart their AI success?

If that's you, download this whitepaper for a bit of advice and inspiration.

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