The Experience Economy

Webinar Summary

We are excited to present a new webinar from Harvard Business Review, The New Experience Economy, featuring author and experience expert, Joseph Pine.

The progression from products and services to experiences requires what we call “customer intimacy.” From a business perspective, it requires three critical execution and technology capabilities:

  • Customer-driven Offerings — The capability to understand the segmented and nuanced needs and wants of your customers and anticipate not just the physical goods and nature of services, but also the unique ways in which those goods and services can be delivered
  • Predictive Engagement — The ability to understand past behavior and combine those insights with real-time contextual awareness to engage with an experienced-focused “best action” that builds on and enhances customer expectations and satisfaction
  • Connected Experiences — The capacity to seamlessly deliver experiences across many digital and physical platforms to gain more customer time, attention, and money while giving the impression of less friction and less time spent

Read this summary to learn more about the Experience Economy and how we help foster business reinvention for improved customer intimacy.

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