Event Processing with TIBCO BusinessEvents

Event processing actively tracks and processes streams of events entering an enterprise so that opportunities and risks can be proactively identified and business outcomes optimized. The traditional data processing approach of store-analyze-act introduces the fundamental challenge of decision latency. Information is often the most relevant as soon as it is captured, and event processing helps organizations process this information in a more timely and contextual manner. It helps solve numerous problems: identifying fraud as it happens, delivering a contextual offer while the customer is still in the store, or predicting disruptions to minimize delays. With the advent of big data and the need to handle it in real time, event processing is becoming increasingly important.

Fierce competition and an increasingly complex business environment are forcing many organizations to spot and respond to opportunities and threats in real time. By investing in enterprise service bus (ESB) technology, many have taken the right first step towards collecting events from regular business applications and making them available to other applications on the ESB. For this information to be truly meaningful, you need to identify opportunities and threats hidden in these events by processing them in real time to derive insight and take appropriate action.

This paper provides an overview of event processing functions and key features provided by TIBCO BusinessEvents®.

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