Embedding Microsoft .NET Code in TIBCO StreamBase Event Processing Applications

TIBCO StreamBase® event processing is a deployment platform and authoring environment for complex event processing applications.

These are applications that react in real time to incoming events — connecting to the source of the event, collecting event data, analyzing that data, making decisions, and then taking action — often by publishing more events. Examples of event driven applications include algorithmic trading, risk management, network monitoring, and fraud detection. The TIBCO StreamBase event procesing platform hosts these applications, which often combine logic written in multiple languages including TIBCO StreamBase StreamSQL, TIBCO StreamBase EventFlow™, Java, C++, R, MATLAB, or Python.

The Microsoft .NET platform has gained a wide user base over the last decade. It includes many libraries, and your organization may already have software or expertise in C#, Visual Basic, and other .NET languages. This paper describes how to embed .NET code into TIBCO StreamBase, invoking your existing or new .NET-hosted assets from a TIBCO StreamBase application, optionally feeding the results back into the application for further processing or automated actions. In this way, non-real-time .NET code can easily be executed against real-time data and trigger real-time reaction.

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