Driving the Value of Data with Self-Service, Business-Driven Development

A Whitepaper on Streamlining Data Virtualization & Processing Capabilities

In our era of data-driven organizations, self-service business-driven development has become vital. As the demand for data has intensified, it has become impossible for IT departments to supply their entire organization with the correct data, at the correct time, and in the correct form of data components (reports, dashboards, apps, etc).

If the goal of a data-driven organization is to be able to use the data, organizations need the ability to develop their own data components instead of fighting a dated and limited analytical application infrastructure.

As independent analyst Rick van der Lans discusses in the whitepaper, “Streamlining Self-Service, Business-Driven Development,” self-service, business-driven development has the ability to expand the data processing capabilities of IT departments and streamline an organization’s use of data via:

  • Centralization of specifications
  • Improved productivity
  • Hidden technical aspects
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Consistent data capabilities
  • High-quality report results

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