Data Visualization and Data Science for Business Users and Beyond

Ask the average business user what they know about Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualization and most will claim to understand the concepts. Few, however, will profess to know how analytics works or to have the skills needed to put it into practice. Despite being knowledgeable about their industry and experienced in their roles, the majority of business users lack expertise in analytics and visualization techniques—but that doesn't stop them from wanting to have a go.

This situation has led to ease of use and accessibility becoming the main focus for recent updates from all the leading BI vendors—but making tools easier and more widely accessible is only part of the answer.

A better approach is to work both sides of the gap. To make tools that can empower business users to discover and unlock value in their data—and that extend capabilities for experts, so they can share the analytics workload, improve efficiency, and focus on higher level work.

Unfortunately, the products available from most data analytics vendors tend to fall short of this two-sided goal, concentrating purely on running analytic models and visualizing results. TIBCO Spotfire®, by contrast, bridges the data science skills gap and enables organizations of any size to take full advantage of all their analytic resources. Here's how.

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