Creating a Culture of Data Visualization

As more and more companies try to leverage Big Data and analytics, they are recognizing the power of data visualization in providing access to insights that foster faster, better decision making. But while business leaders see benefits in visualizing complex data, many have found their organizations lack strong data visualization skills. Technology tools make it relatively easy to create charts, but the output is often hard to interpret and ineffective in telling the whole story. Too often an organization’s data visualization skills are limited to only a few people: many employees feel intimidated by data visualization and don’t try to master it. Fortunately, a new generation of data visualization tools makes it easy even for non-experts to create graphic data stories. Companies that gain competitive advantage with data viz learn to build a culture of data visualization, by creating a team approach and championing pilot projects, as well as providing training for employees. Access this Executive Brief to learn why many organizations struggle with data visualization and discover ways to address this problem by taking different approaches to visualization.

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